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An effective strategy for your business

SMS marketing is an increasingly popular mobile marketing strategy that uses text messages to reach customers. This method is used because it is simple, inexpensive and offers a higher conversion rate than other forms of marketing.

Here are some reasons why you should include text marketing in your strategy:

With text marketing, you can reach customers directly on their cell phones, a device they use every day. Text messages are opened and read within 3 minutes of receipt, making it an extremely effective way to communicate with customers.

Text marketing is relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of marketing. The cost of sending text messages is minimal, and production costs are also low.

Text messages have a higher open and response rate than emails and online ads. Text messages are also more direct and personalized, which makes them more appealing to customers.

With text marketing, you can target specific groups of customers based on criteria such as geographic location, age and interests. This allows for better personalization of messages, which increases the chances of conversion.

Text marketing can help you reach new customers, but it can also help retain existing ones. By offering exclusive offers and benefits for loyal customers, you can increase customer satisfaction and encourage them to buy more.

Geo flash


Mobile geomarketing technology to boost your business

GEOFLASH is a cutting-edge mobile geomarketing technology that targets consumers in specific areas and presents them with digital ads optimized for their browsing habits.

Here’s how it works:

With our easy-to-use interface, you can define precise areas using customizable polygons, with an accuracy of just three meters. You can also target areas around your store or other locations to evaluate the effectiveness of your ads.

Our technology captures the mobile devices of people moving through your targeted areas in real time. We then anonymously add the ad profiles to your campaign audience. We only collect data from consumers who have given their consent.

Our system recognizes the different devices used by identified visitors and studies the best advertising placements based on their online browsing habits. Using this data, your digital ads (banners, videos, etc.) are optimized with our artificial intelligence and displayed to identified people in the targeted locations.

Finally, we analyze the number of people who saw your ads and then visited your locations. This will allow you to know the true ROI of your campaigns and the number of visits resulting from them, without approximation.

  • ● Target your company’s direct competitors to attract their customers while they intend to buy their products or services.
  • ● Target your competitors’ employees, future graduates of professional programs or job fairs to recruit the rare gem.
  • ● Stimulate the interest of your former and current customers by offering them special deals or suggesting other complementary products.
  • ● Target your customers during their leisure time, travel, events, congresses, etc. to build customer loyalty and develop new international markets.

Flash audience


Discover our cutting-edge geo-targeting technology, FLASHAUDIENCE, which allows you to target several key areas directly related to your persona to collect your target audience’s advertising identifiers since 2019.

With this valuable information, you can successfully re-target this audience using the most popular and effective advertising platforms on the market, such as Meta for example.

This retargeting strategy will maximize your visibility and impact on your target audience by providing a personalized and relevant advertising experience.

Our advanced geo-targeting technology offers an effective solution to reach your target audience on social media, while optimizing your advertising budget.

Contact us today to learn more about our FLASHAUDIENCE solution and get a personalized quote based on your needs.

Flash ADS


Get ready for a revolution in your marketing strategy! Our bold, mobile-first approach to network advertising offers you incredible benefits:

We put your message in front of millions of smartphone users around the world, directly reaching those who matter to you.

Our interactive and captivating creatives drive interest and inspire users to take action, generating real results.

  1. We personalize each campaign to match the individual tastes and preferences of your audience, for an experience that stands out and captures attention.

We monitor the performance of your mobile ads in real time, continually adjusting and optimizing to deliver the best possible results.

We stay ahead of the ever-changing mobile advertising landscape, using the latest trends and technologies to help you stand out and dominate your market.

In conclusion, the mobile marketing market is expected to continue to grow over the next 10 years, supported by the increasing use of smartphones and tablets. Advanced technologies such as AI, AR, 5G, and IoT are also expected to play an important role in transforming the mobile marketing industry, providing new opportunities for marketers to personalize their ad campaigns and better target consumers.

Mobile Evolution


The mobile marketing market has grown rapidly in recent years due to the increase in smartphone and tablet usage. According to a study by eMarketer, global mobile ad spending is expected to reach $243 billion by 2022, up from $138 billion in 2018. This trend is expected to continue over the next few years, supported by the increase in mobile device usage and the growing popularity of mobile commerce.

In the coming years, we can expect to see the introduction of advanced technologies that should have a significant impact on mobile marketing. Here are some key trends we can expect:

AI has already begun to transform mobile marketing, allowing marketers to personalize their advertising campaigns and better target consumers based on their online behavior. In the coming years, AI is expected to become even more sophisticated, using machine learning techniques to deliver more personalized and relevant advertising experiences

Augmented reality is a technology that overlays virtual images on the real world, creating immersive experiences for users. In mobile marketing, AR could enable brands to create interactive and engaging ads that capture consumers’ attention.

  1. The rollout of 5G technology is expected to provide much faster and more reliable network connectivity, which should enable faster load times for mobile ads. This could help brands deliver richer, more immersive advertising experiences to users.

IoT is a technology that allows devices to communicate with each other without human intervention. In mobile marketing, the IoT could allow brands to collect data on consumer habits and create more targeted ads based on that data.

In conclusion, the mobile marketing market is expected to continue to grow over the next 10 years, supported by the increasing use of smartphones and tablets. Advanced technologies such as AI, AR, 5G, and IoT are also expected to play an important role in transforming the mobile marketing industry, providing new opportunities for marketers to personalize their ad campaigns and better target consumers.

Geo spot


Discover the potential of mobile metadata to better understand your customer base and generate relevant reports.

With geo-indicators, you can go back to 2019 to build a complete picture of your customers’ behaviors and gain insights into your market share in your industry.

Analyze your store traffic using location data to better understand your customers’ behavior and optimize your store hours, promotions, and staff scheduling.

Compare your location data with that of your competitors to assess market share and track trends.

Evaluate your customers’ loyalty to your business by tracking their movements and identifying repeat and non-returning customers.

Track your customers’ product and service preferences by combining location data with purchase data to better target your marketing campaigns and improve your offering.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg of what mobile metadata can do.

You can create custom reports to get the most relevant information for your business and better meet your customers’ needs.

Please contact us to learn more about our services, which are priced according to your needs.

Geo destination


Boost your visibility on Waze and Google Maps

Maximize your visibility by using destination marketing technology from Waze and Google Maps. This type of marketing allows you to target users of these navigation applications while they are on the go.

Here’s how it works:

With destination marketing, you can target Waze and Google Maps users while they are on the go. This allows you to reach a larger, more relevant audience, as these users are looking for information about nearby businesses and services.

By using targeted ads, you can drive users to your location. The ads appear on Waze and Google Maps users’ maps, showing them the direction to your location.

Destination marketing also allows you to offer exclusive promotions to Waze and Google Maps users. This can help increase traffic to your location and build customer loyalty.

With the location data and statistics provided by Waze and Google Maps, you can analyze the effectiveness of your destination marketing campaign. This will allow you to adjust your ads based on the impact they have on your target audience.

By using Waze and Google Maps destination marketing technology, you can increase the visibility of your business to a relevant audience on the move. With targeted ads and exclusive promotions, you can attract new customers and retain existing ones. Don’t wait any longer to take advantage of this growing technology!

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